Who We Are

Calvary Lutheran Church - Spencer, NC

Our History  Calvary Lutheran Church Spencer NC

Calvary Lutheran Church is part of the body of Christ in this world .We are called to be God’s Light in the midst of this world. It is God’s love in us that enables us, in turn, to love others, to pick them up in support and love, to hold them up in intercession and prayer, and to fill them up with meaning and worth- because they, too, need to experience God’s Love. That’s where we Christians find a very clear sense of direction for our lives. We are called to be led by God’s Spirit in the works of witness, service, and love.

We continue to share that experience and direction that has been a part of this congregation for over one hundred years. Calvary’s history is rich, but it has not always been easy. There have been difficult times economically and emotionally.

There was the depression of the late twenties, the Second World War, the closing of the Spencer Shops, the Cold War, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Calvary’s beautiful sanctuary was a “leap of faith” that the congregation had completed just before the closing of the Spencer Shops. So there was the struggle to survive as well as to move on in the ministry that the Lord had set before the congregation.

Calvary’s church building is a facility that stands out in its contemporary and functional design. It is a blending of the past, the present, and the future. It is as rich and beautiful today as it was when it was first built. Its upkeep and presentation bear witness to the community that our worship center is special. It is a facility worthy of our attention and care. It is a facility that we would welcome anyone to come into for worship and nurture.

Just as God’s Grace has rested upon the congregation in the past, so shall it do so in the future…

Thanks be to God for His guiding Spirit that has “Blessed us on our way, with countless gifts of love”- as the hymn writer has put it. Calvary’s way of working together for the Lord takes many forms. Demands deep commitments, and is never static. That is what makes Calvary an exciting place at which to serve, work, and be. As long as we look to our Lord and Savoir, Jesus the Christ, we will definitely know ‘where we are going.”

May the Lord continue to bless us on our way…